Yes! The nominated 'skipper' must be over 21-years of age, and have a bit of common sense! On the day of your departure you will receive a full brief, which includes driving instructions and maps. No boat licence is required (car licence is required). We will drive with you initially until you are comfortable and confident and we will also meet you on the last day of your hire and drive the vessel back to the Marina.
Our vessels are friendly to people of all ages; Mums and Dads, Kids, Nana’s & Pops – everyone! We do our best to accommodate everyonee .
Unfortunately due to health regulations family pets can’t come along on the holiday.
That depends on the Vessel. Both the DreamCatcher and Seaventure can accomodate 12-people max. The Cruisecat can accomodate 7-people max.
Our boats are very well equipped with everything that will make your holiday comfortable ~ check out the full list in the Helpful Info section.
You may like to bring a few comforts from home; personal toiletries, swimmers, sunnies, beach towel, lots of sunscreen, wide brimmed hats, sand shoes or sandals. Camera, extra DVDs & CDs, board games, cards, drinking water and aeroguard.
You will need to bring your food, drinks, fishing bait and ice.
The houseboat boundary is up to the entrance of Lake Cootharbara (which is the top lake) and down to T-Boat hire which is along Gympie Terrace just before the Noosa Bar. All in all this is about 3-hours cruising time. Up river is very peaceful and surrounded by national park & wildlife. Down river along Gympie Terrace, there is more activity and access to shops, restaurants, parkland and markets. Refer to our maps section for more detail. During the briefing we will recommend some great anchoring spots and show you how to do this. There are lots of great spots to stay overnight or if you want to, you can access the shore with your tender. Please check under MAPS.
Night travel is not permitted and you should be anchored ½ an hour before sunset. Other than that there are no restrictions. Obviously common sense should prevail.
Contact base using your mobile phone (approx 95% of the area has good coverage – make sure you bring your car charger to charge your mobile phone.
Parking is available om Diyan street close to the jetty. We accommodate i car per charter in front of the jetty.Secure parking is available in Noosaville. Refer to the Helpful Info section.
Our departure briefs can be conducted between 8:30am-3.00pm subject to briefing schedule (this brief takes up to 45-60 min), and the arrival time back at the jetty is 8.30am. If you need to make alternate times we will do our best to accommodate you, however this will be subject to availability. Please make sure that you have your crew and gear organised before the departure time so our coxswains can get you out onto the river and enjoying your holiday as soon as possible.
Fuel is paid for at the end of the hire and is charged at $40 per cruising hour (among other things this covers the fuel for the houseboat & tender ,fridge,hot water and gas for the BBQ & cooking). How much your fuel will cost depends on how many hours you spend cruising the river system.
The Cruisecat and Seaventure are powered by 12volt power while the Dreamcatcher is equiped with 240V and 12V.
You can pick up all of your ice and fishing needs in Tewantin. You will find supermarkets, a post office and other convenient services in the township of Tewantin. You can access Gympie Terrace using your tender for a nice meal out at one of the many restaurants.
Due to the fact that water is stored in large tanks on board we can not guarantee the water as drinking water. However the water we supply is town water.
Please contact our office for details.